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 IBS is an accounting service for ISPs that supports Prepaid VoIP/DialUP/Lan services. It also supports VoIP Call Detail Recording with radius accounting.

  Web interface has been written in PHP4 and the core has been written in Python. IBS uses Postgresql as database and internal radius server.

  IBS can work with Cisco Routers/Access servers, Portmasters, Multiport (needs portslave) for dialup connections, Cisco and Quintum Tenor Gateways.

  IBS supports LAN accounting using PPTP protocol (needs POPTOP), PrePaid VoIP with IVR for cisco and quintum platforms, Traffic Shaping for LAN clients, Integrated Mail System(needs Qmail and Courier IMAP) and an apache authentication module (needs mod_auth_external)

  IBS has a flexible permission based authorization for admins, each admin is permitted to do a job only if he has been given related permissions.

  IBS Groups are charging rules that define how much credit will be consumed by logged on users based on Time of day/Day of week and called number prefix (VoIP only). There can be infinite number of groups each with different Charge Per Minute.

 IBS implements a thread pool, an event scheduler and a database connection pool for better performance. The core is providing all information to clients by a TCP connection. Interface uses this connection to query information from IBS server.


2008-jan-14 :IBSng A1.24 Released (notes)

2004-aug-19 : IBS 0.15-GnuGK Released (notes)

2004-aug-19 : IBS 0.15 Released (notes)

2004-feb-14 : IBS 0.13 Released (notes)

2004-feb-02 : IBS 0.12 Released

2003-dec-29 : IBS 0.11 Released. This is the first public release :D

2003-sep-04 : sources are available in cvs now.

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